491 Lawrence Avenue West, Suite 101, Toronto, Ontario M5M 1C7

PHYSICALS or ANNUAL HEALTH EXAMS can only be booked by YOUR doctor’s receptionist.

Doctors Office Toronto is please to welcome DR. Lei Liu – Dr. Liu is taking NEW PATIENTS Please call 416-787-0117 to book an appointment.



When making an appointment with your family physician,the secretary will ask about the nature of your health concern to allocate the appropriate amount of time. Multiple problems may require more than one appointment. Family doctors are available by appointment ONLY.

Urgent care clinic


You do not need an appointment for our urgent care clinic at the office.All of the doctors at the Bathurst Lawrence Family Health Organization are dedicated,caring medical professionals who have chosen to practice medicine as the result of a heartfelt desire to help people.




491 Lawrence Avenue West
Suite 101,
Toronto, Ontario M5M 1C7
Facilities on Site, LifeLabs & Carmit Maayan Levy Imaging


Waiting time in the booking queue

If you are calling the office on a Monday or Tuesday, you may find that the wait times for the call centre are longer than you’d like. Please be patient, as holding on is the only way you will get through.

We do our best to handle all calls in order, and as quickly as we can.


Make An Appointment

Dr. Simon Colla
Dr. Paul Freedman
Receptionist: Lina
Phone: 416-787-0117

Dr. Marvin Gelkopf
Dr. Aaron Hotz
Dr. Richard Sidlofsky
Receptionist: Zita
Phone: 416-787-5693

Dr. Risa Feldman
Dr. Dahlia Nahon
Dr. Samara Kraus
Receptionist: Veronique
Phone: 416-787-9796

Dr. Steven Gottesman
Dr. Sidney Nusinowitz
Dr. Dahlia Pankowski

Receptionist: Stefania
Phone: 416-787-0323


Doctors Office Toronto

491 Lawrence Avenue West,

Suite 101,

Toronto, Ontario

M5M 1C7

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