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A Convenient Annual Fee Plan For Medical Services
Not Covered by OHIP

More than 80% of our Patients Require Services Not Covered by OHIP

As a licensed Medical Professionals, bound by the laws of Ontario, we must follow strict guidelines in providing and documenting all medical services whether OHIP covers these services or not. For services that are not reimbursed by OHIP we must bill these services – from doctors’ notes to emergency after hours telephone advise – directly to our patients.

Pay-As-You-Go for These Services or Take Advantage of Our Convenient Annual Fee Plan

By choosing to make one annual payment,you are automatically covered for many common medical services not covered by OHIP. Our plan is designed to save you time in unnecessary office visits, make budgeting for your family’s health care easier and, in most cases, more economical as well.

Annual Fee Plan (includes HST)

  • $140 per Individual
  • $200 per Couple
  • $250 per Family – children over 21 not living at home are not covered under the family plan.

For your convenience, please compare our Annual Fee Plan with the individual Fee Per-Service costs

This May be your Healthiest Choice!

One Annual Fee Plan Covers All these Medical Services Not Covered by OHIP Should you prefer to pay for individual services, the

Fee-Per-Service are indicated below, HST will be added where applicable.

  • Prescription renewal by telephone or fax  $30
  • New Prescriptions by telephone & advice  $40
  • Telephone advice during office hours $30 and up
  • Telephone advice after office hours $40 and up
  • Simple hand written doctor’s note for illness, physiotherapy, massage therapy health status, back-to-work, orthodics $25
  • UIC, maternity, disabled parking $25
  • Medical records copies-pages 1-5 Additional pages $35 for each
  • Medical record faxes – first page Additional pages $10
  • Immunization records $20
  • Other services


NOTE: All medical advice given by our medical assistants via telephone MUST be screened and approved by a physician.

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